I am waiting in an empty airport lounge in Zurich for a connecting flight. There is no one here at all. At one point, a man came up the stairs, muttered “nothing… nothing” then turned and went back down again.

This is my first visit to Zurich. I noticed, as we came in to land, that the fields are so beautifully flat and square with ploughing in perfect straight lines and no hedges or fences surrounding them but just straight pale roads where people walked, safe in the knowledge that they would be able to see any cars approaching from miles away and easily move to safety in time. I guess there is not much wildlife around those fields though.

2 thoughts on “Zurich

  1. Nicola–I like the sketch. I was in Zurich in June last year and vowed to return to the city. I liked it very much. I like to see the change from pen sketch to watercolor. It’s kind of a handsome space.

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