I was very stressed during this sketch! It shows!

My plan was to check out of the hotel and wander to the library for an hour of sketching before heading to the airport. When I tried to check out, the staff insisted I pay even though I had already paid at the time of booking through

A simple misunderstanding. Easy to resolve.

I showed them my booking confirmation, clearing said PAID in bold red letters. No. I showed them the money leaving my bank account on the handy halifax app. The manager was called. He insisted that would not pass the money on to them. That this would be illegal in Kosovo (?) and I needed to pay them directly then I could ring my bank and to sort it out. This did not sound like a good idea to me. As far as I could see, this was issue between them and

In the end he took all my documentation and told me to just go away, essentially accusing me of stealing from them.

I went to the library and sketched this church. I was shaking and distracted. I felt like a criminal! A terrible person.

I’m writing this stood a little way from the hotel, waiting for my taxi to the airport. Hoping my taxi has not been cancelled by them out of spite! I am trying to stay out of sight of reception and keeping busy by typing this. How ridiculous!

Update: when my taxi arrived and I went to get in the receptionist came outside and handed my documentation back. I asked if they managed to figure out what happened and she said yes, it was all fine now apparently. I should feel better and I do, a little, but this experience will likely be all I now remember of Kosovo in a year’s time.

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