party & preparations

I’ll be getting married in three weeks and yesterday we had a little party to celebrate! It was good and we even had a super delicious personalised chocolate and orange cake:

We decided to get married about a month ago and it was a quick ring round to book the ceremony, reception, food, etc. and then on to the more important activity of crafting various things!

First up, party bags / wedding favours. About a third of the guests are children and the reception is on a boat so a pirate theme seemed a good way to go :)

I picked up a pile of plain totes, printed a simple skull and crossbones graphic to trace around and they turned out great! I can’t show you what’s gone in them all yet, in case someone happens to read this but I’ll get some photos on the day :)

The next thing I decided to make was a fur coat. I’ve always liked the *idea* of a fur coat and they look great on other people but they make me feel like I’m playing dress-up. Well if you can’t play dress-up on your wedding day then when can you! I used this free downloadable oversized fur coat pattern from See Kate Sew

fur_coat_sewing (4)

fur_coat_sewing (3)

What I liked about this pattern was that it’s just one size, a basic shape and no fastenings. This was my first time sewing with fur, first time sewing sleeves and first time adding a lining! It went quite well. I was initially worried the fur would be weird around the seams but it’s fairly short haired and is absolutely fine.

The colour is toffee. I think this will work well for the wedding but I might dye it pink afterwards…

Next weekend I’m making the dress!

We also made our wedding rings but I’ll do a whole separate post about that soon


11 thoughts on “party & preparations

  1. Youโ€™re making your dress and you made your own rings?! Awesome! Props to you!๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’ โ€”

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    1. Yeah, it’s not going to be anything elaborate but I think it will be nice.

      I had a go at making a cake too but it was a disaster so I’m sticking to non-edible crafts! :)


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