Cartagena: staircases & architecture

Cartegena_progress (4)

Above is just a cool outdoor staircase I wandered past. After this, I looped back around to the start of my walk and found a nice spot in the shade to paint the beautiful architecture of Cartagena town hall:

Cartegena_progress (5)Cartegena_progress (1)Cartegena_progress (2)Cartegena_progress (6)Cartegena_progress (7)Cartegena_progress (3)Cartegena_progress (8)Cartegena_progress (9)Cartegena1_lowres

7 thoughts on “Cartagena: staircases & architecture

    1. Thank you, I really got into the swing of it with this one. The main pink colour is windsor & newton permanent rose. It’s *very* bright and fun. Then it’s mixed with varying amounts of burnt sienna, a bit of cadmium red and a bit of bright purple (I’ve cycled through w&n purple lake, mauve and magenta and they all seem to be equivalent for the bit of mixing I do with them). W&N is the brand most easily available for me so I don’t know much about equivalents in other brands. For most colours the W&N student quality is pretty good so it’s cheap to try lots of colours out :)


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