honeycomb cowl


I’m almost always wearing a scarf. I like to be warm and having a warm neck somehow filters down through the rest of me. A cowl is just a tube you wear around your neck for the same reason you would wear a scarf. It can be short and close fitting (a neck warmer), looser and long enough to pull up over your head (a snood) or even wide enough to wear around your shoulders. I prefer the close-fitting neck warmer variety but might be tempted to make a snood one day.

This cowl is Tunisian crochet, honeycomb stitch in the round, using a dk weight colour changing yarn in the forward direction and a chunky solid purple yarn for the return direction. I used a 9mm double ended crochet hook and started with a chain of 59 but you might need to adjust for your own tension, yarn and requirements. You need an odd number of stitches for the honeycomb pattern but you can count up and adjust by one after the first round if needed. These instructions assume you’re already familiar with Tunisian crochet in the round – if not, then there are loads of great tutorials on you tube and other places to get you started – you probably don’t want to make this stitch your first experience with Tunisian crochet :)


  1. using a 9mm double ended hook, chain 59 using the dk yarn
  2. straighten out the length of chains and slip stitch into the first chain
  3. for the first round take the bump thread on the back of the chain (makes a nice finished edge) onto the hook and complete the reverse stitches as normal with the chunky yarn
  4. once the first round is complete alternate on each forward stitch between Tunisian simple stitch (TSS) and Tunisian purl stitch (TPS). complete the return as normal
  5. just keep going around until the piece measures ~20cm. From the second round, each TSS should be going into a purl stitch in the round below (looks knotted and twisted) and each TPS should be going into a simple stitch in the round below (looks open and straight)
  6. fasten off the chunky return yarn and complete one round of regular sc in the thinner dk yarn to give a nice finished edge that mirrors the first round
  7. fasten off and weave in ends

I used this video by Tuula Maaria to learn the honeycomb stitch so check that out if you find watching easier than reading.

Here is the finished cowl:


and inside out:



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