Hughenden Manor

Last weekend I visited the National Trust property Hughenden Manor and met up with a few friends. The weather was not great so no lounging outside, eating picnics and sketching but inside the house is great – it was the home of Benjamin Disraeli and is full of sentimental object d’art him and Queen Victoria swapped over the years. It was also used as a base during WWII and the basement is full of stuff from that time.

I took a couple of photos of the fancier bits and today decided to have another go with my iskn slate – they have a new beta version of the Windows interface out – the previous one just kept crashing on me and was pretty much unusable. It worked fine for this interior drawing although there are a few things I hope they improve in the next version:

  • you can zoom in but not pan/scroll so you can only work on the centre in any detail.
  • the doesn’t seem to be a way to rotate the slate so the buttons are on the correct side for left handed use.
  • you can only pick from 6 fixed colours (red, orange, yellow, lime green, light blue, dark blue, & purple). That’s it. it’s very limiting! there should be a simple colour picker to select your own.
  • there should be a way to crop the image & video for export.

With the changes above I would use this much more thank currently because it’s a great way to create digital drawings – you simply put a small metal ring around your choice of pen/pencil and rest your paper on the slate. As you draw the slate captures your strokes and saves the image.

here is the video of the drawing and the finished image:


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