Party dress cards


This is a really cute and versatile card design. I’ve mainly used fabric scraps but if you only have paper/card then that would work fine too. Below I show you the steps to create these cards and they’re pretty straightforward and quick. The time consuming (and fun!) part is picking the combination of fabrics for each card.

1. you will need card blanks for the backgrounds, scraps of fabric or patterned paper and whatever bits you have lying around for embellishment (beads, sequins, bits of card, ribbon, whatever) – for these I used washi glitter tape (3 x 5m rolls for £1 from the pound shop), polka-dot fabric tape, tiny fabric scraps, round plastic ‘gems’ and little paper punched butterflies. You’ll also need scissors and double sided tape (or glue if you don’t have tape but it’s a bit more fiddly and takes time to dry.)2018_05_07_partydress_card (3)2. choose a colour combo you like of a card blank, two scraps of fabric and one or two embellishments.2018_05_07_partydress_card (4)

3. cut a strip from one of the fabrics (thin fabric, netting, lace, etc. works best for the under part of the dress), and a vague dress shape from the other fabric. I thought about giving you a template to use for this but part of the charm of this design is the unevenness and variability of the shapes – it gives them life! Cut a long triangle then cut off the pointy end (the top) and cut two notches either side about a third of the way down from the top (forms the waist). stick a piece of double sided tape about the same length as the bottom of the dress piece a couple of cm from the bottom of the card.

2018_05_07_partydress_card (5)

4. beginning at one end stick the long fabric strip to the tape, folding it as you go to form ruffles.

2018_05_07_partydress_card (6)

2018_05_07_partydress_card (7)

5. add another strip of tape over the top edge of the ruffle and a few pieces on the back of the main dress piece and stick the dress down.

2018_05_07_partydress_card (8)

2018_05_07_partydress_card (9)

6. cut a few small strips of washi or fabric tape (or ribbon or fabric or paper/card) and add as a belt and straps.

2018_05_07_partydress_card (10)

7. optionally add any further embellishments you want – here I add some little paper butterflies in gold to match the bottom of the dress.

2018_05_07_partydress_card (11)

2018_05_07_partydress_card (16)

If you have any scraps of lace then this works really well and if you stick to white/cream/pastel colours then it could easily be a wedding dress instead of a party dress.

2018_05_07_partydress_card (23)

In this card the main body is made of washi tape instead of fabric and little plastic beads are used as buttons for embellishment.

2018_05_07_partydress_card (20)

you can also try some crazy colour and pattern combos – it’s only a greetings card – have some fun!

2018_05_07_partydress_card (15)

2018_05_07_partydress_card (17)

2018_05_07_partydress_card (19)

My best tip would be to keep in mind that there are no rules, do whatever you like and go with the flow – embrace any fraying or asymmetry that happens.

2018_05_07_partydress_card (14)

2018_05_07_partydress_card (22)

2018_05_07_partydress_card (21)

2018_05_07_partydress_card (18)

2018_05_07_partydress_card (1)

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