Another trial with the fude fountain pen today. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. It was nice to be able to switch between fine lines and block shadows without skipping a beat. Next I’d like to try and get variability into single strokes if I can. I’d like to try it out on an urban landscape scene – I think lots of vertical lines would suit this pen well.

20180512_gem_necklace (1)

I added colour via pencils and pastels as I don’t think the sample ink that came with the pen is waterproof. When I’ve used all this I have some waterproof ink I can try.

20180512_gem_necklace (5)


5 thoughts on “bling

    1. thank you very much! I do find still life with close up details to be “easier” to compose into a balanced picture than landscapes etc. – there’s a clear boundary of what to draw and when to stop :)

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      This is the closest to this style I’ve managed in a landscape. I used a chunky permanent black marker and then just a fineliner but it was fiddly. This new pen might make things like this easier to do.

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  1. Excellent, I love my fude nib Sailor pen. I use De Atrementis or Platinum carbon black in mine , both of which are waterproof and have given me no problems. I have also been trying Super 5 waterproof which seems good and hasn’t given me any problems to date. They also have a fun range of colours. Not sure how available they latter are in art shops. I got mine as a freebie at an Urban Sketchers event.


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