Alan Bean

I only learned of Alan Bean two days ago, when his death was announced. Alan was the last surviving member of the Apollo 12 mission and the fourth person to walk on the moon. After retiring, he pursued art and painted scenes of astronauts, space and the moon. You can see his paintings on his website – they have a texture of astronaut footprints and he often embedded small particles of the actual moon (brought back on his person from his visit) into the paint.

20180528_Alan_Bean (2)

This painting is from a photograph of Alan as he leaves the Lunar Module “Intrepid”, of which he was the pilot, to join his commander on the surface of the moon.

20180528_Alan_Bean (4)20180528_Alan_Bean (5)20180528_Alan_Bean (6)20180528_Alan_Bean (7)20180528_Alan_Bean (9)20180528_Alan_Bean (2)

20180528_Alan_Bean (8)

Colours used:

Cerulean, burnt sienna, permanent rose, green gold, ultramarine, cadmium red.

White acrylic ink at the last step

4 thoughts on “Alan Bean

        1. Yes, that’s exactly what it is! I don’t think the colour is quite right though – not quite so red. I have found another photo of this Module from an interesting angle so I’ll give it another go!


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