At the end of July I joined the Reading Sketchers urban sketching group on the terrace of The White Building in reading to draw the roof tops of Reading in the glorious sun. I think the building is a new office building and it was really great of them to let us go up to the roof on a Sunday morning. Their roof terrace was a fantastic place and I could have stayed for the rest of the day to sketch the skyline from all angles. We had to move on after an hour though to sketch at another location so keep your eyes peeled for another sketching post about there later this week.

The view I chose had some wonderful angles and a brilliant red green growing roof:201807_readingsketchers (1)201807_readingsketchers (2)201807_readingsketchers (4)201807_readingsketchers (5)201807_roofofwhitebuilding_detail


2 thoughts on “roof

  1. Working in the building sector myself, architecture and drawing is part my daily routine and as you could imagine I instantly related with your work here! Fantastic sketches and I guess it was a great experience sketching at the roof tops! Looking forward to seeing more of you work with the sketchers!

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