British Wool Show

20180810_BritishWoolShow (15)

Upon arriving at the York Auction Centre I was greeted by various styles of knitted bunting, leading the way into the main hall.

Inside there were lots of stalls, mostly selling British wool and related products, but there were also groups and organisations there to show off their projects and activities.

Look at this wonderful farmyard knitted chair scene! my favourite part of this was the little knitted slug on the underside :)

weaving on excitingly shaped looms:20180810_BritishWoolShow (4)

The Stamford Bridge Tapestry Project were there creating the actual tapestry on huge frames and offering little kits to replicate parts of the tapestry for yourself:

There were also some very well behaved sheep and very fluffy Angora rabbits:

Everyone seemed to have spinning wheel or two and I had a great chat with a lady from the York Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. She told me about her first experience with spinning and how to start with a drop spindle. She gave me advice on the best type of wool to start with and I went off in search of some…

This is what I came away with – various ready spun wool and three different lots of roving to try out spinning – the grey at the bottom is Swaledale, the white on the left is Masham and the white fluff ball on the right is Blue Faced Leicester. I didn’t buy a drop spindle because I’d run out of cash and I thought I’s like to have a go at making my own. watch this space.

20180810_BritishWoolShow (16)

2 thoughts on “British Wool Show

    1. Brilliant idea! I was tempted to buy a pretty one from the show but I couldn’t get over paying £15+ for, essentially, a stick 😂

      I’ve just finished making one & trying it out – I’ll blog about it soon!

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