20180818_koolaid_socks (4)

Having decided to try and knit some socks I ordered a pair of tiny circular needles (they are brilliant! the left needle is very short so that you can still bend the cable but the right needle is long so you can hold it properly to knit with) and a double strand sock blank. A sock blank is a pre-knit rectangle of sock yarn ready for you to dye. Double stranded means that two lots of 50g are knitted together so that however you dye it you will get a matching pair of socks when you knit each one up. I also ordered various colours of Kool-Aid powder sachets. These are very easy to use for dyeing as their high acid content means you don’t need vinegar or any other wool preparation. just mix it up, soak the wool, heat it and you’re done. I didn’t want a solid colour – I was aiming for speckled and blotchy but vaguely fading from one main colour to another across the whole piece. I soaked the sock blank in water, squeezed most of it out and put it in a microwave safe dish. Then just sprinkled the various colours all around and swished it about til I was happy.

cover with cling film and microwave for ~2 minutes. leave for a minute, microwave for another minute or two then just leave it in there to cool. Once cold, rinse in cool water and leave to dry. No colour should come out – it all gets sucked up by the wool and the water is just a little bit white/cloudy while you rinse. This was my finished piece:

20180818_koolaid_socks (9)

you can knit directly from the piece, unravelling as you go but I wanted to see what it looked like in a ball – I also only had the one set of needles so I’d need to knit one strand while balling the other but then the second ball would be the wrong way round for knitting the second sock. So, two balls were made:

I then started knitting using various online videos and tutorials to figure out each section as I got to it. I’m sure there are things I can do better next time but they have turned out well – they fit, they look fun and they smell fruity :)

Each sock weighs ~22g and there is ~27g left of each ball so plenty to make another pair or maybe some matching gloves.

For my next sock dyeing adventure I’d love to try and create something that would knit up into watermelon socks. So, start with green, fade through a small amount of white and pink to red with some black patches. I think that should be possible and I have a few half packets of Kool-Aid left :)

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