I spotted this rusty concrete fountain in Marseille during our honeymoon cruise stop in the city earlier this year. It is in the middle of a little square at a crossroads set back slightly from the main tourist road next to the port.

This type of structure always draws my attention – nature reminding us that everything is in constant change through rust and moss and cracks in our formidable looking man made structures. I particularly like the colours and textures of rust and buildings in various stages of being demolished. I also like the patchwork, accidental and sometimes awful architecture you see in the forgotten back streets of city – the odd juxtaposition of new and old, decorative and functional. Where the look of the thing was the least concern when putting it together and the patches and cracks now tell a broken and intriguing story.

I’ve created another photo collection to house these not so shiny things that attract my attention, under the label of ugly city. Though that name is very tongue in cheek as I find them more interesting than their surroundings.

3 thoughts on “rust

    1. I’ve tried to draw crumbling buildings before but I’m just not accurate enough – in a rough sketch a rusty falling down building just looks like I can’t draw straight lines :)


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