Have you ever seen these odd cross and circle light patterns? I noticed them last year and it was clear they were reflections from windows but only some windows and it was difficult to see which windows were the source. This year (I assume they’re there all year round but the sun needs to be a certain height in the sky and most of the time that’s when I’m asleep :) ) I spotted some much clearer examples and the windows causing these look just normal. No odd glass or coatings or frames. I tried to search online for what exactly causes the circle/cross shape – maybe variable thickness in the sheet of glass – but couldn’t find anything. Eventually I came across an article saying that some people have been speculating they are paranormal but thankfully also cleared the whole thing up by explaining that the heat of the sun causes the sheet of glass to become slightly concave – giving the circle reflection – and then the way the glass interacts with the frame (spacers between double glazing sheets maybe?) causes the cross part of the pattern. Seems plausible and I have no alternative explanation so let’s go with that.


This last photo has lots of them – two sets of two circles on the brick wall and then the circles on the road are spilt into stripes by a metal fence between the window and the road.

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