I’ve been feeling very uninspired and unsatisfied with everything recently. Generally everything in life but particularly anything I’ve tried to make or paint or create. It was a struggle to even muster the enthusiasm to sketch this little pencil sharpener and I almost didn’t post it but I’m way behind on the inktober challenge and this also satisfies the colour collective prompt for this week of glaucous blue so here you go.

8 thoughts on “Glaucous

  1. I love that you’ve made an interesting work of art from such a mundane object.
    IMO it’s ok to cut back on (or even abandon) inktober if it turns one’s pastime into a chore, since that’s the opposite of its purpose.

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    1. Oh I’m already cutting back – I’ve managed fewer than half the days so far :)

      And that’s ok, but it makes me a little sad I don’t have the time / energy to complete even a simple sketch each day. How I’d love to be able to paint all day long!

      Thank you for commenting, knowing that people do see my sketches makes me feel much better.


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