I saw a photo from @archpng on twitter of Ait Benhaddou (an impressive fortified city (or ksar) made up of many kasbahs, earthen buildings made from mud and straw) earlier this week and thought it would be great to draw. It seemed perfect for this week’s colour collective of auburn so I gave it a go, also having another trial with the new cotton paper sheets – they still seem pretty good.

I started with lots of watercolour and water – Indian red, a mix of yellows and perylene maroon. I tipped the paper and let it run down. When it was just a bit damp I put it in a large book with a heavy box on top to flatten as it dried (though it didn’t really buckle much at all anyway). This worked really well!

20181102_auburn_lanscape_wip (2)20181102_auburn_lanscape_wip (3)

I turned the page 180 degrees so it went light at the top to dark at the bottom then started drawing the landscape with a dip pen and watered down sepia acrylic ink. It took a while to get the best dilution of ink – too watery and the ink bled across the page horribly.20181102_auburn_lanscape_wip (4)20181102_auburn_lanscape_wip (5)

I used a brush with the dilute ink to add shadow areas and made the top part simpler with large flat shapes20181102_auburn_lanscape_wip (1)

and finally went over some details with neat sepia and white ink only in the centre of interest.


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