rainbow mitts

I’ve just posted off these colourful fingerless gloves for a friend’s birthday next week. I’m slowly crawling my way around learning to knit properly. I’m currently trying left handed again but eastern style (I think… it’s a bit confusing) and that seems to be working well. I can knit fine in any of the styles but it’s been purling that has held me back – I think I now have a comfortable way of doing it – stitches are moving from the right needle onto the left, yarn held in my right hand, back leg of the stitches leading, yarn held behind and wrap the yarn anticlockwise. switching from knit to purl to knit is fairly seamless this way and much less awkward than other methods I’ve tried. 

These mitts didn’t need any purling though so I didn’t have to worry about that. I used this barn mitt pattern from Heather Gorman on Ravelry and the tiny sock wonder circular needles pictured above.

did you like this?

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