Leon Spilliaert

This is a quick sketch after a Self Portrait of Leon Spilliaert, who was a Belgian symbolist painter and graphic artist. This is from around 1907 and you can see the original here.

I’ve been feeling increasingly on edge today – lots of little things going wrong, building frustration and I’m so hungry! Instead of heading out into the snow to buy a giant bag of crisps I scribbled hard and angrily for 5 minutes with my cheap broken mechanical pencil. This seemed the perfect subject for that sort of drawing and I do feel a little calmer now :) If I were in any way athletic I’d probably have achieved the same result by going for a jog or letting loose on a punching bag.

I’m sure this rendition would be better if I’d gone slowly and taken care but it was very cheap therapy and I kinda like the result – I’m often thinking I could do with loosening up a bit with little sketches like this.

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