stained glass

I’m currently decorating the room I use as an art/craft studio and home office. It used to also be a spare bedroom but we got rid of the old bed over Christmas and so I now have lots of space. One ugly feature is the window – it’s a wooden sash window but doesn’t sit right in the frame so is drafty and doesn’t easily open. The double glazing is also blown out so there is always condensation and milky patches between the panes.

I can’t afford to get this repaired (or more likely, replaced) at the moment so I wanted to try and make it look a bit better for a while. I stumbled across self adhesive film rolls that give a stained glass effect online and then saw that they stock them (for half the online price) in Wilko. £6 and one evening later and my window looks great! I’m happy that it doesn’t cut down the light all that much but the colours are beautiful and cheerful even when not in direct sun.

fairly easy to apply… if you cut it to the right size…

It obviously doesn’t look like real stained glass when you’re up close but it also doesn’t look cheap and tacky. And you can just peel it off when you get bored of it. I also gave the frame a new coat of white gloss and started to paint the room in a green I chose ages ago.

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