Young lady in a boat

This is after an oil painting by James Tissot from 1870 called Young Lady in a Boat. I love the little dog in the background and the look on his face that coveys surprise and unease at finding himself on this boat with this bored looking woman who is doing absolutely no rowing.

This was done in Procreate, my first time trying it out and I’m impressed. This is just pencil on a single layer, nothing fancy. The only difference to my usual pencil drawing process was that I had access to an undo button so some dodgy eye and arm placements were redone rather than living with the first attempt. Erasing in the real world is possible, but I never do it because you can never get rid of the line entirely, not with how heavy I draw anyway. Best to just live with it or redraw over and leave both.

As you work, Procreate automatically saves a still of everything you do and then you can export a video of the process so you can see the wonky bits for yourself below :)

I then also wanted to try out some of the various functions and effects that are possible with Procreate but didn’t really know where to start so just found a video tutorial for some lettering on YouTube and followed along. It wasn’t like drawing at all really – much more like photo editing I’ve done with photoshop in the past. The result is below. I think there is lots of potential for me here to explore something halfway between these two approaches.

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