I’ve been using up all the weird bits of wool I’ve had lying around forever and am not realistically going to use for anything else. some of them are just small bits that are not big enough for much, others are a bit itchy or colours that don’t really go with anything else.

I used hdc stitch throughout and just increased ~8 stitches per round. normally, when trying to create a flat circle you’d increase 6 stitches per round in dc or 12 stitches per round in tr so hdc should probably be 9 stitches per round but it depends on how tightly you crochet. with this I had to be a bit flexible and do more or fewer increases as required because of the differing thicknesses of yarn. I crocheted with 3 different yarns held together and a 10mm hook. I used the smallest bits of yarn to start with and the largest at the end so that the stripes were not too wide or chaotic.

I worked in a spiral and used stitch markers to keep track of the increases but I changed the position of the increases every few rounds to keep the shape circular rather than faceted.

It’s big, and I haven’t weighed it but i think it’s very heavy!

It’s nice to sit on :)

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