Goblin shark

These fish just keeping uglier and uglier! This goblin shark looks like it’s straight out of the special effects department of an alien film 😭

Trying to look up images kept bringing up one particular animated gif of it eating a little orange fish in one big gulp, billowing out the red slashes (gills I guess…) in a crazy undulation.

The goblin shark can protrude its jaw almost to the end of its snout and it has more than 30 rows of teeth in both the upper and lower jaw.

I just read that they are pink or white when alive so I must have been looking at photos of dead sharks – after death their skin changes to grey / brown.

3 thoughts on “Goblin shark

  1. Goblin sharks can be cute… just not when their jaw is extended to the tip of their snout and their gills miraculously do that odd “expanding thing”. (A fun fact I read somewhere, goblin sharks actually have transparent skin but it appears that pinkish color because of its blood vessels.)

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