Ellen Mary in a White Coat

This is my version of an oil painting from 1896 by Mary Cassatt. You can see the original and read about Cassatt on the Museum of Fine Arts Boston website:


I’ve been continuing with my Procreate and iPad endeavours and here I tried a more painterly approach – striating by blocking in the big shapes and then working down to the details. Towards the end I was very engrossed and it felt very similar to the home stretch of a few watercolour paintings I’ve done in the past. You can see the live action replay in the video below. you can see in the first have second I try out an ‘oil’ brush but it was awful so I quickly reverted back to the coloured pencils. I’ll have to play around with the ‘paint’ brushes and see if I can make them feel a bit more realistic.

did you like this?

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