hourglass dolphin

We’re already up to H for the sea life animal alphabet. Thankfully not a creature from the nightmares of Cthulhu this week! Although I have to admit that there were way more interesting facts to tell you about last week’s goblin shark. The only thing of interest I read was that hourglass dolphins are found way down south, around Antarctica and the southern tip of South America.


I’m trying to keep the same style for each of these sea life sketches so that I can put them all together at the end to create a complete alphabet and they’ll tie in together. I started with dark thick coloured pencil and watercolour and no background so that’s a style I’ve tried to keep with. It was tough on this one though because, if you look at a photo of an hourglass dolphin, you’ll see they’re actually black and white. Not much opportunity for colourful paint and pencils there. So, I’ve applied some artistic licence, gone blue and added splash and foam.

did you like this?

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