First knitted jumper

first_knitted_jumper (3)

A medium term goal of mine is to knit a jumper from wool I spun myself. Having never knit a jumper before it seemed like a good idea to do a trial run with less precious acrylic yarn I had lying around (also good for using that up so I can concentrate on the woolly self spun goodness).

This is the result of that trial! I’m super happy with it even though there are more than a few dodgy things going on here :)

The ‘pattern’ I used was a top down raglan calculator from Knittingfool. I don’t know if I was just fundamentally misunderstanding something but all the numbers of stitches were odd and didn’t work at all for the ribbing. probably my fault and I’ve misunderstood something somewhere. But for this there was a lot of fudging to get all the numbers right.

The second issue is that for my gauge swatch I knitted stockinette back and forth left and right handed. It didn’t really occur to me that my gauge would be vastly different from when knitting fully left or right handed in the round. But it sure was!

The main body I knitted left handed and it is quite big. when I got to the arms I switched to right handed just to give my hands a change and rest and after a few rows the difference was very noticeable! see below the obvious switch to a much tighter gauge at the place I’m pointing:

There were many other weird things going on, most likely all my doing, but I ploughed n regardless and it’s all fine – a bit wobbly here and there but it fits and is nice and warm and cosy and I’m loving my last minute decision to have bright red cuff stripes :)

Here I am wearing it while making a start on the next (hand spun) jumper!

first_knitted_jumper (5)

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