vintage fair

Carter’s Steam Fair is visiting the local park over the Easter bank holiday weekend. I wandered up this afternoon to check it out and do a bit of sketching. Lots of interesting ride and attractions but no where to stop and draw really – I would have been in the way. The rides are circled by trucks so sketching from further away is also difficult. I eventually found one spot where there was a line of sight from the grass to a couple of the rides.


10 seconds after taking this photo a family plonked down right in front of me. Touching distance. In a huge and otherwise empty park – I was the only person sat on the grass and perfectly good sitting places stretched out in all directions. I’d got the main elements of the sketch though and could see the general colours from just the bits I still had a view of, so carried on regardless.


when the family left they all just stood up and walked away, leaving all their crisp packets, cartons and empty drinks strewn all over the grass. Very rude and inconsiderate. The park has plenty of bins, and even if it didn’t it’s not hard to take rubbish away with you. Sometimes I think we don’t deserve nice things.

8 thoughts on “vintage fair

  1. Ģrrrrr, on several fronts. I think it’s herd instinct to sit near other people but it’s a bug**r for a sketcher. As for the rubbish, don’t start me, we walk most days around a nearby park and always find rubbish just short of the bins.

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