Quillfin Blenny

Q is for quillfin blenny. Catching up with some sea life animal alphabets.

Also here is a red lipped batfish and sea sheep. These two are weird. Seriously. These sketches look like some sort of Pathetic cartoon nightmare but this is what they actually look like – do a google search on the red lipped batfish and you’ll see what I mean. Crazy. Odd little front legs to walk around the seabed instead of swim. Why do they have huge red lip? No idea. Maybe they fell for all the cosmetics adverts on the tube. From the Wikipedia page: “From appearance, to physical ability they are far from ordinary” 😂

The sea sheep looks equally odd but in a cute way and it has cool stuff going on. The sea sheep is actually a little sea slug and it eats so much algae that it can photosynthesise!

did you like this?

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