Around Easter I spent a week in Hunstanton, my first trip to Norfolk. I took only my iPad (for art. I took clothes…) and dedicated the week’s sketching to trying out digital watercolour.

Digital watercolour is an odd concept because the joy of watercolour is its unpredictability and spontaneity. Digital is ultimate control! I found that it actually takes a long time and a lot of effort to make a digital piece look like a 5 minute loose and fluid watercolour sketch. You also need to be familiar and comfortable with how watercolour behaves in order to know how to recreate it. All the happy little splashes and colour bleeds have to be painstakingly constructed. It was an interesting experiment but I think I’ll stick to the meditative state I fall into with regular watercolour and use the iPad for styles that suit it better.

1. Hunstanton cliffs

The striking two tone cliffs between old and new Hunstanton.

2. Lighthouse cafe

An old lighthouse that is now a holiday cottage on the cliffs with a cafe next door. There was an awesome camper van parked nearby painted in myriad designs that I wanted to paint but it was gone when I went back in the afternoon so just this, shadows on white, sketch instead.

3. Wesley church

This is a little Methodist church on the outskirts of Hunstanton. A lot of the buildings in this area have the same red and white two tone effect of the cliffs, so I guess it’s all local stone.

4. Village sign

Alios Delectare Iuvat is the motto of Hunstanton and means something along the lines of “it is our pleasure to please others”

I saw this written on the coat of arms that is part of the Hunstanton village sign. The sign is a wooden and (I think) metal (it’s hard to tell) double sided sign standing on the green, in the middle of the village, looking out to sea.

5. Wash monster

The wash monsters are a pair of ex-US Army Light Amphibious Resupply Crafts (LARC), who now spend their days taking tourists on trips around Hunstanton. This one is called “Wizzy” and was used during the Vietnam war.

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