Back in September I went on a small tour of Portugal, sketching all the way. We started in Lisbon where I over ambitiously tried to sketch while queuing to get into the Jeronimos Monastery. Much harder than it looks to walk and paint without falling over.

Around Lisbon were a few big bright animal sculptures made of recycled plastic. This cat was near our hotel and I managed to be sketching it just as a little girl was passing shouting “cat! cat!” and pointing until her parents got bored and took her away. The difference in scale and how they sort of appear to be looking at each other was great to capture.

We also visited Sintra, where I painted the corner of the palace before the sun got too hot.

before having a look round inside. Here is the view from that same balcony and some of the amazing decorated ceilings inside (slight bird obsession).

We also visited Fatima, an important pilgrimage site, where people were travelling on their knees as penance before praying.

On our way to Porto we stopped in the hilltop vineyards and then went for a wine tasting, where, inexplicably, the owner of the vineyard turned up playing the bagpipes…

In Porto we visited the beautiful tiled train station and I had a little time to sketch the facade of one of the city centre churches

we also stopped briefly in Coimbra

(more gorgeous ceilings in the university church)

and another small village I forget the name of.

Finally, this alternative nativity scene in a tourist shop. Look at the happy face on the cow! :)

5 thoughts on “Portugal

  1. Great sketches! Brings back memories of our visit in 2018. We didn’t get to Sintra or Coimbra. That will have to be for another time. We did get to Lisbon, Porto and Evora. All very interesting and sketch worthy.

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    1. They’re really nice places and lots to draw, I’d definitely recommend. There was also a giant frog and a fox on the side of a building, but we only drove past those so I didn’t get to draw them


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