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Portrait Party 7, Sep, 2019 - This morning I went to a portrait party organised by Reading Urban Sketchers. Nine of us gathered together, sat in a circle, and took turns to pose for 10 minutes while everyone else sketched and painted. 10 minutes goes in the blink of an eye when you’re trying to capture some sort of likeness of […]
Hunstanton 12, Aug, 2019 - Around Easter I spent a week in Hunstanton, my first trip to Norfolk. I took only my iPad (for art. I took clothes…) and dedicated the week’s sketching to trying out digital watercolour. Digital watercolour is an odd concept because the joy of watercolour is its unpredictability and spontaneity. Digital is ultimate control! I found […]
West’s Bestiary 10, Aug, 2019 - Over on Twitter, Colin West has been posting a new little rhyme every few days, featuring an animal for each letter of the alphabet. He’s then been inviting anyone who’s interested to create an illustration to go with the poem. I’ve been following along and here are my sketches. To keep up with the fast […]
perylene garden 3, Aug, 2019 - My current favourite watercolour combo is perylene green + perylene maroon. All these experimental textures were completed using only those two colours plus green gold. There are some wonderfully subtle purple / brown neutrals in there.
Portrait Challenge 1, Aug, 2019 - Every Thursday over on Twitter @StudioTeaBreak posts a painting, sculpture or other artwork from the past featuring people / portraits and invites anyone who wants to take part to create their own interpretation. Some participants try to reproduce a good likeness in their favourite media, others create caricatures or switch the person for some other […]
Sea life animal alphabet illustration Sea Life Animal Alphabet 23, Jun, 2019 - Each Monday, over on Twitter, people share their drawings, sketches and paintings of a specific animal that was announced the week before. Starting at A, each week is a different animal starting with the next letter of the alphabet on a specific theme. It takes six months to get through the whole alphabet (26 weeks!) […]
Cartooning the Tory Leadership Contest 8, Jun, 2019 - Contest background Yesterday, Theresa May’s resignation as Conservative Party leader officially took effect. She’ll now remain in office as Prime Minister only until her successor is chosen. This will happen via party leadership elections from now until July. on Monday at 5pm, those candidates who have been nominated and have enough official backers will go […]
Wet in wet 24, May, 2019 - Much more like watercolour now! Less is definitely more with this digital watercolour stuff. So difficult to resist fiddling with it though – very much like learning to use real watercolours except when it all turns to mud on the iPad, you can undo :) We are moving in the right direction and this is […]
Limerick 21, May, 2019 - This is an illustration for a limerick for an illustration course I’m taking. I didn’t get to choose the poem and The requirements were that the words needed to be presented along with the illustration and it should be in only black and white. I struggled for a long time to come up with an […]
Ballet 20, May, 2019 - This is a little illustration for the prompt angler fish + ballet set by @studioteabreak over on Twitter. See the trouble I had drawing her shoulders and head in the speed paint below! I’d also be super interested to know what you think of the framing with my details. I’ve become much more sensitive to […]
Farmer’s market 18, May, 2019 - I spent this morning with the Reading urban sketchers at the Thames Valley Farmer’s Market, which takes over the Reading cattle market, on the outskirts of the town centre every third Saturday of the month. I came away with a few sketch, some cheese, butter and coffee beans :) I’d planned on some ink and […]
Tomato 17, May, 2019 - A sketch of a sliced tomato, inspired by the pale geranium lake colour collective prompt. I was interested in playing around with background tints and textures. This is a nice papery spiral bound effect I came up with. I thought it would be nice to have a sort of digital sketchbook.
Old lady 10, May, 2019 - An old lady concentrating as she walks down an uneven street. With a (king’s light) blue rinse perm for this week’s colour collective challenge.
Arrival 8, May, 2019 - Almost here…
Tiny world 6, May, 2019 - Feeling in a bit of an odd mood. This feels like it sums it up but I’m not sure why. Been watching too many bank holiday zombie and alien movies maybe…. Drawing made me feel a little brighter. So this is a *little* brighter: