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battery human 17, Feb, 2019 - I recently started an online illustration course. The first assignment is to illustrate three song lyics. This is my first. The song is Battery Human by Stornaway. Below are my initial ideas, thought process and sketches. I also made quite a few paper snow flakes but they didn’t scan in very well.  
rug 16, Feb, 2019 - I’ve been using up all the weird bits of wool I’ve had lying around forever and am not realistically going to use for anything else. some of them are just small bits that are not big enough for much, others are a bit itchy or colours that don’t really go with anything else. I used […]
Jade city 15, Feb, 2019 - A reimagining of the emerald city in jade for the colour collective challenge this Friday. I’ve been playing Wizard of Oz Fluxx this week so it was in the back of my mind. A lesson learned on Procreate with this – don’t be too trigger happy with merging layers. My first version of this had […]
Selika Lazevski 14, Feb, 2019 - This is a portrait of Selika Lazevski after a photograph taken in 1891 at the studio of Paul Nader in Paris. Not much is known about her but what little there is you can read in this Paris Review article by Susanna Forrest As with last week’s portrait challenge, Young Lady in a Boat, I […]
Valentine 14, Feb, 2019 - A little sketch for Valentine’s Day. Walking past the local charity shop last weekend I saw they had red helium balloons decorating the window spelling out “love” I snapped a photo as the range of colours from dark maroon to pink and white caught my eye. A useful reference for this sketch but I thought […]
Fangtooth 11, Feb, 2019 - F is for fangtooth fish. This guy is freaky, looking up photos made my skin crawl a bit. I had enough time to read that they only grow to about 6 inches long, so maybe not too nightmare inducing, before I had to stop looking. I decided I’d got enough of the gist to do […]
Young lady in a boat 9, Feb, 2019 - This is after an oil painting by James Tissot from 1870 called Young Lady in a Boat. I love the little dog in the background and the look on his face that coveys surprise and unease at finding himself on this boat with this bored looking woman who is doing absolutely no rowing. This was […]
chair revamp 7, Feb, 2019 - A quick post to show you my kitchen chair transformation – they were originally covered in black leather (I think leather – may be fake leather). The surface was deteriorated and peeling away on a couple of them so I decided to recover the seat pads. I had some nice cream and purple floral fabric […]
grey fluff 5, Feb, 2019 - A while ago I wrote about making my own drop spindle and having a go at some spinning. I did eventually spin enough to make it worthwhile to split in half and ply and then I knitted the result into a set of 6 (slightly wobbly) coasters. They’re great and it’s awesome they started as […]
Elephant Seal 4, Feb, 2019 - E is for elephant seal. Here a male and female elephant seal share a joke and have a little laugh. probably. The male elephant seal can grow up to around 20ft long and more than 4 tons. They are much larger than the female seals and have an inflatable snout that resembles a trunk. The […]
stained glass 3, Feb, 2019 - I’m currently decorating the room I use as an art/craft studio and home office. It used to also be a spare bedroom but we got rid of the old bed over Christmas and so I now have lots of space. One ugly feature is the window – it’s a wooden sash window but doesn’t sit […]
Leon Spilliaert 2, Feb, 2019 - quick sketch after a Self Portrait of Leon Spilliaert, who was a Belgian symbolist painter and graphic artist
Hourly Comic Day 1, Feb, 2019 - Here is my day in comic form for #HourlyComicDay – each hour of my time mapped out in my first ever attempt at drawing a comic. Try not to be too jealous of my rock and roll lifestyle…
dumbo octopus 28, Jan, 2019 - D is for Dumbo Octopus The Dumbo Octopus gets his name from two fins on the top of his head that look like ears. He flaps these to move through the water and uses his umbrella webbed tentacles to steer. You can see this in action in this little deep-sea National Geographic video.
paper automata 2 24, Jan, 2019 - flying fish and pecking hem paper automata