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vintage fair 18, Apr, 2019 - Carter’s Steam Fair is visiting the local park over the Easter bank holiday weekend. I wandered up this afternoon to check it out and do a bit of sketching. Lots of interesting ride and attractions but no where to stop and draw really – I would have been in the way. The rides are circled […]
Ocellated Wasp Fish 15, Apr, 2019 - O is for ocellated wasp fish A super quick, colourful sketchy guy this week. Venomous spines! is the only fact that jumped out at me. Apart from that I think he just generally swims about and minds his own business.
Cheese fest 13, Apr, 2019 - Today, for the first time, I took my iPad out to try digital urban sketching. It was a nice day and the annual cheese festival was on in the park in town so I found a bench and sketched away. It was good but a few differences to note compared to regular sketching: In the […]
Marguerite Vallet-Gilliard 11, Apr, 2019 - This is my digital painting take on ‘Self portrait in blue’ by Marguerite Vallet-Gilliard, a Swiss an Impressionist & Modern artist (lived 1888-1918, portrait date unknown). You can see in the speed paint video below that I started out trying to use some different Procreate tools but quickly changed my mind and switched back to […]
Double bass 8, Apr, 2019 - A little sketch for the mythical mashup prompt of flamingo + double bass. Also, today is draw a bird day so two birds with one, um, bird… I also drew a Napoleon Snake fish for this week’s animal alphabet and it’s another freaky one – burrows into the sand with just it’s head sticking out. […]
Ethel Bartlett 4, Apr, 2019 - This is my version of the portrait Ethel Bartlett, originally painted in 1926 in oils by Laura Knight. You can read more about Ethel and see the original portrait at
Mantis Shrimp 1, Apr, 2019 - M is for Mantis shrimp Mantis shrimp are colourful and awesome. They are between around 10cm and 40cm in length and are famous because the variety with calcified clubs (smashers) can punch with such force they smash aquarium glass. Other varieties have spear claws (spearers) to catch their prey. Both these types can strike with […]
J. M. Robins 28, Mar, 2019 - This is my Procreate take on Corporal J. M. Robins, Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, painted by Laura Knight in oils on canvas in 1941.
Rhiannon 28, Mar, 2019 - An illustration of a line from the Fleetwood Mac Song, Rhiannon  
First knitted jumper 27, Mar, 2019 - A medium term goal of mine is to knit a jumper from wool I spun myself. Having never knit a jumper before it seemed like a good idea to do a trial run with less precious acrylic yarn I had lying around (also good for using that up so I can concentrate on the woolly […]
Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2018 26, Mar, 2019 - The Sunday Times Watercolour competition 2018 exhibition ended its run in Basingstoke last week and I went along to have a look! There were about 70 watercolour, gouache, acrylic and mixed media pieces in total across a whole range of subjects and styles. The three winning paintings were all huge! but that’s about all they […]
Lobster 25, Mar, 2019 - L is for lobster
Cemetery Junction 24, Mar, 2019 - Cemetery Junction is a crossroads just outside Reading City centre, made famous by the film of the same name by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. I spent Sunday morning drawing in the walled cemetery with the Reading Urban Sketchers. It was a gloriously sunny day and lots of people turned up to soak in the […]
Maud Wagner 20, Mar, 2019 - This lady has been floating around in my head for a few weeks. She is based on Maud Wagner, a circus performer and the first known female tattoo artist in the United States. Update: this wasn’t quite what I’d been picturing so I had another go. Below is my second attempt and much closer to […]
King of Herrings 18, Mar, 2019 - K is for king of herrings. The king of herrings is a species of oarfish and the world’s longest bony fish at up to 17m long. It’s ribbon-like and swims in an undulating way, so possibly is the cause of many scary sea serpent stories.